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SUNHOME shining on World Manufacturing Conference


On May 25th, the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference opened in Hefei. The Chinese manufacturer demonstrated to the world the power of world-class manufacturing. Sunhome once again collected on the world's attention and cited various mainstream media reports.

“Hefei Evening News” reported on May 26 :

Sunhome PV "Chasing Light Hunting”, fueling the global manufacturing industry

At the current World Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition site, Sunhome PV products brought by Anhui Renewable Energy Manufacturing.

There are a number of national policy subsidies, the power generated by the sale of the national grid and other benefit, residential photovoltaic power station has become an important choice for households to invest, pension and so on.

As the world's first German TÜV system certified residential PV brand, Sunhome PV fully leverages on the world's leading photovoltaic inversion core technology. The system has high power generation, continuous stability, super energy, energy, and Aurora. Zhiyu, Zhibo, Zhiduoxing and other six series of power generation families, fully meet the multiple application needs of family wealth upgrades, quality of life pursuit, smart parking and other applications , to promote the application of photovoltaic power generation into more families to provide more power.

"Anhui Daily" reported on May 26 :

"Basting the sun can make money, but also reduce emissions and environmental protection." According to Sun Power field staff, the solar energy into electricity, so as to produce clean electricity, the family photovoltaic has been on the roof of urban and rural households.

According to relevant sources of Sunhome PV, as long as the people who own the roof can purchase and install the family photovoltaic power station, the manufacturer also introduces Pratt & Whitney's convenient Internet financial installment loan policy, which greatly enhances the residents' consumption experience. It is understood that home photovoltaics that produce clean electricity are currently rampant around the world. Household photovoltaic installations have a very high penetration rate. Electricity generated is not only used by homes, but also can be sold on the grid.


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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.