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On January 27, 2018, 10:58 am, the solar power generation grid-connected power generation ceremony of 314 rooftop photovoltaic power plants under the charge of the State Grid under the Henan Power Company was held in Zhengzhou. The project is the first solar home PV stationed in the National Grid roof for the first time, is expected to create 200 million yuan for State Grid customers generating revenue.

Network ceremony, simple and grand. Li Chen, president of Sunhome Technology and Dr. Liu Hao, State Grid Corporation of Henan Province, jointly promoted grid connection gates (props) in more than 10 cities and districts in Henan Province. These 300 photovoltaic power plants in 63 districts and counties Run power at the same time .

According to the photovoltaic power generation efficiency calculation, annual power generation is expected to reach 9.2 million degrees. One year can create nearly 800 million sales revenue, up to 200 million in 25 years .

Some guests on the scene laughed and said that the grid connection ceremony in less than 20 seconds was indeed the most valuable 20 seconds in history, "worth 2 billion miles."

State Grid Henan Power College project

Li Chen said at the scene that this simple but grand ceremony of networking was a tribute to the hard work and hard work of all colleagues in the front and back of the project in the past three months. It also symbolized the successful implementation of "ensuring the rapid implementation of the project and the revenue of the power station Maximize "the solemn commitment.

According to Li Chen, all the projects adopted a solar home photovoltaic standardized product with "multi-generation" as its core advantage, overcoming the problems of the project covering a wide area and too scattered points, and customized design one-stop solution with 314 All power plants delivered on schedule.

Snow around the dealer visit the project

This network ceremony, has attracted more than 100 dealers in Henan province representatives to attend the scene. We all agreed that the national network project specifications high, can be copied, easy to promote, benchmarking in Henan Province is of great significance.

"What are you waiting for?" Mr. Wang, a dealer from Shangqiu, said with a smile that the Sunhome client as the core competitiveness reaped a strong fan.


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