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2018 Sunhome PV National Dealer Marketing Summit Grand Open


March 5 morning, "With Sunhome, Win the future" 2018 Sunhome photovoltaic curtain national distributor marketing summit victory.

More than 1,000 dealers gathered from across the Hefei Grand Theater, to witness the Sunhome 2018 Spring Summit with six brand new products.

Sunhome brings a whole new generation of six generations of power generation product families, richer three-dimensional support policies and overall overall marketing strategic planning, leading the nationwide distributors to advance at full speed.

The new smart new product Yao first

Six sets of products are on display

A new generation of smart home photovoltaic - Zhi Duo Star world premiere.Zhi Duo Xing has a strong internal "core" design, the core advantage is the component-level CT scanning and precise positioning of components, intelligent operation and maintenance of fine; component-level one-button shutdown, protection of personal and property safety. A comprehensive upgrade of the five sets of products new appearance: super energy, Jinneng two family wealth upgrade series; the pursuit of quality of life of the sunlight room - Aurora series; create a green parking space of the sunlight carport - Zhibo series and much SMEs The favored longevity energy assets - Zhiyu series.

an area of 1,500 square meters of new special exhibition magnificent, panoramic restore the six product a real application scenarios. More than 1,000 people flooded into the museum, flooding the site. All the real exhibition halls were built. The real water spray test set in the Sun room series demonstrated the water leak-free function of the product. “The first time I saw such a real and comprehensive product display, it was intuitive and shocking.” In response to a reporter interview, Mr. Zhao, a dealer from Luoyang, shouted at his voice and said, “ Seeing such a powerful new product lineup is heart-warming. More than enough. "

Hundreds of millions of big business epic signing

Eight Values New Helping Merchants

The confidence of the majority of distributors including Mr. Zhao broke out in the final signing session. Over a hundred million tens of millions of business people signed up to sign on the stage, and the cash register area lined up to make payments. The scene was extremely hot. Li Wei, president of Sunhome, believes that only by insisting on "multi-power generation" products that allow customers to face long-term and achieving customer's three-dimensional support to help customers enter the market and make money, can they gain such a strong market appeal.

"Even if it is a newly-introduced photovoltaic newcomer, the eight value support systems provided by Sunhome, including brand, technology, product, finance, delivery, and service, will also be able to teach you hand in hand and help you quickly open the market." According to the summit, under the strong push of the new multi-power generation product system, supply chain financial platform services, and the eight value systems, the solar home photovoltaic market in 2018 will be further strengthened.

Strategy to create a supply chain financial platform

All marketing will be flagged

✦ In 2018, Sunhome focused on building a supply chain financial support service platform. At this year's summit, Sunhome strategic cooperation with financial institutions such as Ping An Bank, Hua Xia Bank, and China People's Insurance Company. "The brand strength of Sunlight and the ability to produce more power to fully protect the solar home photovoltaic users' generation revenue and repayment ability." Signing representatives have expressed that Sunhome has created the best channel for financial + photovoltaic industry integration.

Since the introduction of Ping An Bank and the creation of the nation’s first Internet financial photovoltaic loan to realize "Second Seizure Second Loan", more and more financial institutions have cooperated with Sunhome to provide exclusive, diversified financing loans and insurance for Sunhome users. Services, the financial value of the Sunhome is constantly breaking through and extending.

"Customer's expectations are always remembered. The value of the customer is our value. The success of the customer is our success..." The final ceremonial oath flag-bearing ceremony of the Sunhome National Marketing Campaign brought the conference to a climax, "achievement of customers". The vows rang through the golden hall and all the solar families of the Sunhome Family were flagged.


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