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Sunhome is focused to accelerate the energy saving and environmental protection for our planet, we promote the green and efficient lifestyle of renewable energy , with more than 100 thousands of high quality PV systems have been installed all over the world by 2017 . We're committed to provide the completed PV solutions for your implementing, along with best selections of solar panel, residential and commercial PV system ,floating PV system to global customers.

Continuous quality improvement

Sunhome first completed the change of certification version of ISO9001:2015 in 2016, introduces internal and external environmental management, risk management and other new concepts, and sets a more challenging performance target. By continually improving internal audit, management review, QCC and other activities, relevant processes and systems are continually improved. Build a scientific and efficient integration management system, and continually pursue excellence so as to further improve products, service and brands.

Company compliance and governance

It is clearly provided in the Company's "Regulations on Supervision of Internal Audit" that "the Company will carry out routine audit monitoring in order to regulate corporate governance, enhance internal management, maintain the work effectiveness of each employee and the work atmosphere of incorruption and integrity and improve the Company's core competitiveness further.”

R&D-Systematic innovation

Based on the R&D and application experience, Sunhome also resorts to the system construction to control the R&D flow and divides the product development process into five stages: approval of project, concept planning, development verification, release, life cycle management and each stage contains technical review on technical feasibility, specification compliance, manufacturability, satisfaction of customer needs so as to realize the full process control from R&D to application, thus ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of product R&D.

Fast response of complaints from customers

Sunhome pays much attention to the handling of complaints from customers. It has established the quick response mechanism of responding and handling the complaints from customers in time, and formed a sales service network with the minimum service radius, shortest arrival and time-limited service and fastest customer calling service. In order to receive and handle the complaints from customers in time and enhance the customer satisfaction, it has made "Measures for Administration of Complaints from Customers" and established and improved the customer complaint handling mechanisms.

Career plan and employee

Sunhome set up the "Sunhome Culture Day" in July 2016 to convey the core values by organizing and planning various cultural activities and giving a popularity of the corporate values, thus making the employees feel the Sunhome culture with zero distance. Furthermore, Sunhome publishes internal quarterly journal "Sunhome", a platform to show the development information of Sunhome and its member enterprises.

‘The Most Popular PV Module Brand Awards-2019' 

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SUNHOME produces full range of solar products, including Poly and Mono solar panel, residential and commercial solar system, floating solar system.We are dedicated to provide good quality products and high customer satisfaction service for your diversified applications.

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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.