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'Aurora' New Product Of Car Pot And Sun Light Room PV System


Hello, I am Aurora! (New product of car pot and sun light room PV system)

You have always dreamed of having a different sun room than others.Not only can you feel the warmth of light, the transformation of the four seasons, see the spring blossoms, talk about the sea of stars, and say that you love your life ...

It can also protect the green, kindness and hope of the deep heart with photovoltaics like “Aurora”.

Sunhome 2018 Spring New Product "

Aurora series

20 years of PV core "core" technology to create private sun room

25 years of quality assurance long stable income

Love for Ta, lasting protection

Nuclear "core" technology made

Create a better living space

Both aesthetic and technological sense

Stylish and comfortable intelligent leisure building

Greenhouse garden or fitness training free combination

Sun light room where the heart is at

Customized light transmission components

Summer insulation winter insulation

The top layer uses customized photovoltaic components

More choices to make the building stand out

Meet customer's individual needs

Summer is no longer cold in winter

One more private space

More stable income

Private leisure space free combination

Photovoltaic power generation meets self-use

More Internet access to enjoy state subsidies

25 years of long-term stable income

World quality

A number of patents are safe and reliable

0 glue does not leak

Modular design for easy construction

Anodized aluminum alloy process does not rust

Thickened profiles withstand 12 winds

Long life 25 years free maintenance

The goddess Aurora from Nordic mythology is in charge of dawn and dawn.

A new generation of Sunhome Aurora series, carefully build green high-tech sun room, let you encounter the four seasons of sunshine, enjoy the happy time.


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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.