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5kVA Residential Solar Power System Design

2018-08-06 11:49:58
5kVA Residential Solar Power System Customer's electricity demand : lighting 200 watts per day for 6 hours, refrigerator 50 watts for 24 hours a day, one inverter air conditioner for 12 hours, TV 50 watts for 10 hours a day. There are also washing machines, desktop computers, rice cookers, electric fans and other non-scheduled appliances. The customer is installed in Diqing, Yunnan.
1.Statistical load total power

200 watts of lighting, 50 watts of refrigerator, 750W of air conditioner, 50 watts of TV set, 300W of washing machine, 200W of desktop computer, 1200W of rice cooker, 100W of electric fan, total 2850W, use Guruwatt SPF 5000 control inverter machine, output power It is 4.0KW.

2.Daily electricity statistics

Lighting 1.2 degrees, refrigerator 1 degree, air conditioning 2 degrees, TV set 0.5 degrees, washing machine counts 1 degree, desktop computer 0.5 degrees, rice cooker 1 degree, electric fan 0.5 degrees, average total 7.7 degrees, actually an average of about 6 per day -10 degrees or so. Yunnan Diqing has good lighting conditions, with an average of 4.5 hours per day. It is designed to use 9 280W modules with a total of 2.52kW. The average daily power generation is 11.34 degrees. The off-grid system has low efficiency, generally about 0.8, and the average daily available electricity is 9 degrees. Therefore, it can basically meet the electricity demand of more than 99%.

3.Calculation battery

Most of the residential appliances are used at night. It may be only about 20% during the day. In order to increase the battery life, the battery capacity can be increased appropriately. The daily charge and discharge depth is low. This project uses 4 12V250AH colloidal lead-acid batteries. The total capacity is 12000VAH, the available electricity is about 8.4 degrees, and the average electricity consumption is 6 kWh at night. The discharge depth is about 50%.

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