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How To Maintain Your PV Plant To a Long Operation Life And Higher Power Output

2018-04-23 14:03:59
The biggest question many people have about PV power plants is: Can this thing last for 25 years?

Indeed, many power station owners have installed photovoltaic power stations for household use only in the past two years. To say that the 25-year service life of this power station, I am afraid that no one has actually verified it, it is no wonder that there will be varying degrees of concern. However, Xiao Bian wants to show you a few cases today.

The oldest power station in China that has been brushed repeatedly
In the 1950s, photovoltaic power generation began to take the lead. China's first large-scale photovo
ltaic power plant was built in 1983. At that time, in Gansu's Yuzhong area, there was no electricity, so a 10KW photovoltaic power station was built, which brought a bright future to the people. At the end of the 1980s, the national power was sent to this small village. The mission of these solar panels to the residents was also completed. It was recycled and concentrated in the Gansu Institute of Natural Energy, 40 kilometers from Lanzhou City. Now this 35-year-old power station still generates electricity normally!

20 years of photovoltaic power plant operation
Wang Sicheng, a well-known expert in the industry, once introduced the construction process of the first photovoltaic power station in Tibet, the 10kW photovoltaic power station in Geji County. This electric standing item was established in 1988. At that time, the construction cost was 45 yuan per watt and it is still in operation. It has been 20 years old so far.

Industry sources believe that a good photovoltaic power plant has five major characteristics:
(1) Real-time and stable real-time data collection enables owners and investors to know the power generation situation of the power station anytime and anywhere;
(2) Real-time analysis and warning of the potential faults of the power station with preventive maintenance concepts to prevent potential risks, allowing you to sit back and relax and increase the value of your assets;
(3) The data analysis of the power station can continuously optimize the operation and management of the power station, maintain and improve the power generation efficiency and power output of the entire life cycle of the power station, and conduct asset assessment;
(4) Precise power generation forecast allows the State Grid Power Dispatching System to flexibly handle the power deployment during the peak and peak periods of the power supply;
(5) The photovoltaic remote alarming system for photovoltaic power stations will greatly reduce the risk of fire and fully protect the safety of the power station.

How can we ensure that our power plants can also live longer like the above power plants?
The first point: Mo is cheap and chooses quality products.
Nowadays, there are many products available for selection in the market. In the past year alone, there were more than 100 new brands. At this time, you need to pay attention - you must choose qualified products from regular manufacturers! Don't be greedy for cheap or be seduced by other interests. Choose an unknown product!

Believe that "a penny of goods, you have expensive reason ", after all, the money invested in the power station is not a small amount, one inattentive is likely to cause great losses to you, do not lose because of small losses. The selection of products must be based on comprehensive consideration of its suppliers' industry experience, professionalism, technical strength, quality control capabilities, after-sales service capabilities and market evaluation.

Taking photovoltaic modules as an example, what are the inferior components in the market?
 1, paper solar panels
  Solar panels can also have paper sheets? It's incredible, but it can't be denied that it does appear on the market.
  We can see that the back of the photovoltaic module has been dismantled. The battery cells in the module have exactly two rows of sheets of paper!! Replacing silicon wafers with non-power-generating paper sheets, this type of assembly has a low cost of falsification, and the price for sale is certainly higher than the normal price. High-quality components are much cheaper, and some consumers who want to buy “cheap components” are easily trapped.

Degraded components
  In the production of photovoltaic modules, there will be some defective rate. According to the formal process, these components will be sold to the recycling plant at a very low price. After the recycling plant has processed and extracted the available raw materials, it will shift to the manufacturing process again.
  However, in the process of recycling, some people who want to find a hole to buy these defective components at low prices, and then sell their hands to increase the price. We hereby solemnly tell you that there are only Class A components that can circulate on the market. If someone claims to you that there are low-cost Class B and Class C components, be sure to stay away from them!

Underpowered component
  Such components are basically produced by some unknown small manufacturers. On the surface is a 260w component, the actual power is only 240w or even lower. There is no difference between the appearance of such components and high-quality components. In fact, the power generation effect can be different. We therefore remind consumers that the purchase of components must be made by regular manufacturers. The quality of components can be guaranteed and the benefits of components can be guaranteed. It can be guaranteed.

Deck components
  As we all know, the products of photovoltaic modules are constantly updated, and the efficiency and quality of the components of two or three years ago are far less than the current components. Some of those who are unconcerned have moved their brains: they bought some of the past components of the first-tier brands at low prices and replaced the signs with the latest products.

Other bad components
As the production workmanship does not produce the components of the delicate welding, welding, inclusions, delamination and so on.
  Most of these components are defective components that will flow into the market, affecting the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, and may even cause hot spots on the components and cause fires.
  The bad quality of PV modules is a huge hazard. Combatting inferior components is not only the work of the national government. We also need to be vigilant as an ordinary consumer. We must not be willing to purchase components that are sold in informal channels for small amounts of money.

The second point: Polish your eyes and choose excellent services.
At present, the subject matter of domestic photovoltaics is very complicated. There are specialized companies, as well as all kinds of merchandisers, guerrillas, and so on. Among them, there is a determination to hold on for a long time, and there are also people who just want to make quick money and want to withdraw it. Therefore, when choosing a business, they must pay attention to their qualifications and see which product he is acting on. Whether or not the technology is strong, the quality is not guaranteed, the service can keep up, and can it be done for a long time. Once the installed power station has a problem, can they solve the problem? Photovoltaic power station selection is no better, but if the installation qualification is not enough, the installation is not standardized, not only can not achieve the necessary power generation, and may not reach the grid company's grid connection requirements can not be connected to the network, and even a long time It will cause damage to the photovoltaic power station.

The third point: Pay attention to operation and maintenance and be the owner. After the power station is installed, daily operation and maintenance are directly related to power generation revenue. According to the National Household Photovoltaic Inspection Report released by the industry's first domestic PV system brand, frequent clean-up of dust-removing power stations requires far more power generation than a rarely-cleaned power station, and the revenue is naturally much higher.

As an owner, if you want to make more profits, you need to focus on the power station and do a good job of daily operation and maintenance of the power plant. Like a private car, a lot of clean operation and maintenance, product life and performance will be well protected. Operation and maintenance are in place, not only has high power generation yield, but also guarantees profitability. It also reduces the probability of failures. Once a problem arises, it can be discovered in time and resolved in a timely manner. In addition, the PV power plant inverters on the market all have monitoring modules. The owners and the manufacturers who pay attention to after-sales service can check whether the PV power plant is operating normally anytime, anywhere, and the problems will be solved. It is much more convenient.

At the same time, Xiao Bian also reminded the users once again that the following operations should not occur at the power station. Some non-standard installations will not only affect the power generation output and revenue, but they will also be unsafe.

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