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Understand the "photovoltaic hospital"

2018-10-26 15:59:32
Where there is sunshine, there is photovoltaic. Including saving lives's hospital.

Anhui Xuancheng Peace Hospital recently connected to the 26-kilowatt power plant, continue to refresh the Sunhome photovoltaic systems constantly rich project applications-photovoltaic hospital.

01The president signed the strong demolition

As a private hospital that is focusing on the creation of two armour, Dean peace The installation of photovoltaic as an important event in the history of the hospital. "In the hospital, electricity is about everything, it is our saving lives protection, with photovoltaic power generation, equipment operation of safety and stability requirements."

” With a leading global 21 PV inverter core technology of solar home photovoltaic, fully protect the system ultra-stable operation, its strong power generation capacity for the hospital to provide more abundant power.

Coupled with the strong brand of sunshine power, let peace completely rest assured. Peace even signed to agree to the roof 30 sets of solar water heaters forcibly dismantled, to total 26-kilowatt of the photovoltaic power plant to make way.

Even the local dealers are lamenting Xu Dean to install photovoltaic determination and courage.

Beyond the value of money

It turns out that peace's determination is worth it. "Since the grid, power generation has been very high, and very stable, a year reckoned can save more than 30,000 electricity bills."

"Responsible for the hospital power security master of the solar home photovoltaic multi-generation capacity of praise." The hospital has selected the Aurora series of Sunlight Shed, realizes the power generation on the shed, under the shed to dry, make full use of space. A complete set of aluminum alloy system, no glue, never leak, durable, resistant to 12-magnitude gale and blizzard, to ensure that the top floor of the building safety.

Facing the special construction environment of the hospital, the project team plans and designs the plan ahead of time, overcomes many difficulties, shortens the construction period, completes the delivery quickly, and brings the user a very satisfying consumption experience through the customized service. Jumping out of the system to establish the peace Hospital, was peace proud of life choices. Today, the introduction of photovoltaic for their own hospital to inject green clean energy security, the "Photovoltaic + medical" environmental protection and energy-saving model saving lives, also make him proud enough.

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