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King Struck Sunhome 145 Million Beachhead In Zhejiang,China


On Feb 24, Sunhome 2017 Global Investment Promotion Center was opened in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. More than 200 potential contractors in the province attended the event, setting a contract value of 145 million on the spot. Since then, Sunhome to achieve the overall layout of Zhejiang, will also be its multi-power generation's core competitive advantage, accelerating the power of Zhejiang "million households roof photovoltaic project."


Multi-generation detonated over billions of contracts

Sunhome multi-generation products, from the user side of the 360 ° service and impeccable business policy, has cast an unshakeable market dominance and appeal .

The field of investment is the best example. Eventually guests far exceeded expectations, to accommodate 300 people packed crowded venue, the product display area is even more attractive, Zhejiang agents around the sun did not hide the love and trust of family photovoltaic.

"We are especially confident about the core strengths of your multi-generation products." The final signing of the site is also expected to be hot, signing up to 145 million yuan.


Zhejiang push 1 million gold roof

"Zhejiang is a special battlefield." In an interview with the media at the scene, Li Chen, president of S Co., Ltd., expressed his "special" expression of great importance to the Zhejiang market.

As the pioneer home photovoltaic province, Zhejiang launched the "Solar Well-off Project" in 2016. Sunhome is the only successful enterprise in Anhui . In the same year, Zhejiang also promoted "one million households rooftop photovoltaic project" and proposed to build over 1 million households within 4 years with a total installed capacity of 3 million kilowatts. The capacity of the domestic PV market is impressive.

Li Chen believes that there will be more Sunhome super-power generation system before the strong support from local government. The dream of "golden roof" of Zhejiang million households will be more full and will be realized earlier .


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