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SNEC A big show for 220,000 visitors and more


On May 28th, 2018 SNEC International Solar Energy Exhibition opened its curtain at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, attracting more than 200,000 viewers from around the world to ”pilgrimage . " At this world's highest-profile trade show,Sunhome PV is making a big splash and showing the world a powerful "gravity"of multi-power generation.

Mastering the Sunhome PV technology leading the world's photovoltaic inverter core technology, possessing the most powerful brain of the photovoltaic system, and collective "super output " and super matching of smart devices such as intelligent components independent MPPT, intelligent adjustable support, etc. Ultimately, the system achieves super-power generation.

The world loves “More power generation”

Mr. Frank from Brazil has been engaged in the photovoltaic industry in the country. He has a keen interest in the system capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation. "This time I came to China and I just wanted to find this perfect household power generation system."

Markus, who runs a small and new energy company in Ukraine , also praised the system capability of Sunhome PV Multi-Power Generation. “We currently have no such good system products for domestic use. We hope to have more cooperation with you. opportunity."

According to statistics, the Sunhome PV booth has welcomed customers from more than 20 countries including Germany, Brazil, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, and South Africa. "As in China, foreign customers also favor our system's multi-power generation capabilities." Shi Yong said that Sunhome PV has become the world's first German TÜV system-certified household brand with its multi-power generation superpower and has gained access to the world market’s business card.

Six products ”send together "

Sunhome solar photovoltaic panels can be installed in rooftops. In the Miniature Sunshine Family Photovoltaic "Characteristic Town", the super-power, Jinneng, Aurora, Zhibo, Zhiyu and Zhiduoxing products have been unveiled in six sets, covering homes, factories, carports and other small towns.


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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.