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Sunhome Won The Bid Of More Than 760 Rooftop Pv Power Station Projects In Henan Power Grid


SUNHOME was selected by the State Grid e-commerce platform for distributed PV complete sets of system procurement recommended list; successfully won the bid for the State Grid Corporation of Henan Province subsidiary roof 225,500 kilowatts photovoltaic project .

Recently, Sunhome and the State Grid fully open in-depth cooperation in order to popularize photovoltaic power generation into millions of households to provide higher-level application demonstration, but also further confirmed Sunhome system products in the core competitiveness and strong technical superiority.

State Grid e-commerce platform for the start of the 2017 tender, distributed PV complete sets of system procurement recommended high specifications, the enterprise strength, product quality, technical management, put forward high requirements. The successful selection of Sunshine Family Photovoltaic is not only a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between State Grid and Sunhome technology, but also a high recognition of Sunshine's family of PV super-systems, as well as a standard, model and demonstration for the standardized operation of the domestic PV market.

In addition, as the first large-scale rooftop PV application promoted by State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, Sunhome combined with the wide coverage of rooftop resources in various county offices in State Power Henan Electric Power Bureau, decentralized locations and difficult implementation, providing a one-stop shop Solutions, a total of more than 760 distributed photovoltaic power station building, a single power plant installed capacity ranging from 10-300 kilowatts. In order to ensure the rapid implementation of the project and the maximization of power plant revenue, Sunhome will all adopt sunshine household photovoltaic standardized products with "multi-generation" as its core technology.

The world's first TÜV certified solar photovoltaic family in Germany, its rich product matrix completely adapt to different areas of the roof of the various types of complex scenarios, and through the sun wisdom and energy management platform, a key control, to achieve system health, power generation and profitability Real-time monitoring and analysis, so that power plant operation more simple and efficient, to achieve the project's unified and hierarchical management.


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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.