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Recently, at the foot of the DaShu Mountain in Hefei, this villa group that does not take the unusual roads has become a circle of friends.

Dr. Ou Hui returned home to install photovoltaic

As shown above, the blue roof photovoltaic panels were installed on the roofs of the rows of villas, which refreshed everyone's perception of traditional villas: villa owners who pursue quality life began to chase the new photovoltaic power plants.

SunhomePV user Mr. Yang is one of the owners in the villa group above. In his early years, he lived in Europe, and he was a doctor in the field of automation design. He returned to his hometown to settle down in the early years of last year. In October last year, his 6 kW Sunshine Home PV Power Station was completed.

"Installing photovoltaic power stations and self-use of clean electricity has become very popular in foreign countries." Before the renovation of the new house, Mr. Yang decided to install a power station for the new home. After some comparison, he finally chose the solar home photovoltaic with multi-generation as the core advantage. .

Leading the life of zero electricity bills

For Mr. Yang, the installation of photovoltaics not only satisfied the pursuit of green quality of life, but also directly saved more than 100,000 yuan in electricity expenses.

Yang Jianian consumes 6000 kWh
(Do not consider peak and valley electricity prices)

First-order electricity price: 2160*0.5653
Second-order electricity price: 2040*0.6153
Third-order electricity price: 1800*0.8653
4033.8 yuan

25 years of accumulated electricity costs: 4033.8 yuan * 25 years = 100845 yuan

Sunshine household photovoltaic power generation is high, not only to meet Yang's electricity demand, the remaining more than 900 degrees of clean electricity can be sold online and shared with others. With Sunshine Home Photovoltaic, Mr. Yang also likes to share his circle of friends and “show off” his own environmental transcripts for emission reduction.

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    You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.