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The Maximum Loan 500,000cny Sunhome First Nationwide Financial Plan


January 31, 2018, enough to load the history of household photovoltaic development in China.

Dozens of solar home users in Shandong Lingling first applied for the zero-mortgage credit loan of the Internet finance (Ping An Bank) in the field of household photovoltaic in the country.

Unsecured! No warranty! Pure credit! Information Jane! Loans fast! More peace of mind! Sunhome became the first household brand to open Internet financial credit in China.

The project perfectly integrates the core competitiveness of Sunhome with the convenience of Pratt & Whitney for internet finance , further expanding the boundary and depth of poverty alleviation and financial services for peopleliving in PV .

Sunhome Online Loan Project jointly launched by Sunhome and Ping An Bank fully landed.

The first 90 seconds audit lending

61 Sunhome users from Mr. Du from Shandong Leling became the country's first batch of people to eat crabs.

The morning of January 26, Leling City, a family of local solar photovoltaic stores, the voices. Ping An Photovoltaic Bank loan service team on-site office, centralized loan.After information surface inspection, information entry, credit inquiry, almost 1 and a half minutes, Mr. Du received a bank message to remind him to pass the first instance, Shen loan success.

To Mr. Du more surprising is that on the afternoon of January 31, the fifth day after the application for loans again received a bank message to inform the application of 51710.4 yuan loan has been lent. He also became China's first consumer Internet finance photovoltaic loan.

"The entire market in Shandong completely boil. " According to Sunhome market leaders in Shandong, the vast number of dealers should be strongly requested, the Shandong region held an emergency loan project ventilation meeting in order to meet the steady stream of loan application needs.

Zero mortgage maximum loan 500,000

"We are pure credit loans, unsecured, simple and quick procedures, the country can be admissible." The person in charge of Ping An Bank said that as long as the sun is authorized by the Sunhome users can apply .

It is reported that the United Power Bank of Pingyin peace lasted more than two months, fully mobilize the full range of resources both from the process to the model, all aspects of the design Huimin convenient. The whole line online application, approval and loan, the bank to the scene on the scene to open an account, face sign, the largest user-friendly .

The person in charge, based on the photovoltaic industry policy is good, the loan user solvency, power plant cost benefits made comprehensive analysis and judgments, and ultimately to the Sunhome users to provide up to 500,000 yuan, the longest term of 10 years Super-Hui program .

Photo credit loan processing site ( Shandong Station )

Multi-generation allows you to worry-free loans

"Our multi-power products, while ensuring the user's benefits, have sufficient repayment space to establish a solid foundation for cooperation with banks." According to Li Chen, president of Sunhome Technology Co., Ltd., based on the multi-generation system Strong self-confidence, Sunhome married Ping An Bank has created this industry first.

Ping An Bank also believes that the multigeneration efficiency of solar home photovoltaic fully guarantees the repayment and profitability of users . In the end, Union Solar Power has pioneered the online photovoltaic loan business model among its peers and they are confident about the future business development.

For the majority of dealers, Pratt & Whitney convenience of the Internet financephotovoltaic loans and multi-generation products core competitiveness of the community interests of manufacturers channel strategy consisting of Sunhome will help them quickly get through the market, " Ren Du two veins ", To create a new round of 2018 eruption .


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