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University Build a Pv Power Plant Earn 30 Million But Taking Zero


Anhui University School of Architecture building located in the city of Chaohu coast,make full use of campus roof, install Sunhome system of 1234.2 kilowatts, if all of the generated electricity sold, cumulative revenue over 30 million Yuan . The school is now choosing a model for spontaneous self-consumption electricity, which means that the school has firmly chosen the former for using clean power and earning more than 30 million revenue .

The entire project covers the dormitory, laboratory building, library, teaching building, gymnasium, canteen and a total of 16 buildings, with a total installed capacity of 1234.2 kilowatts. According to the PV power generation efficiency calculation, the project is expected to generate an average annual power generation will reach 1.3 million degrees, according to the 25-year life cycle, accumulative total power generation more than 3000 million degrees . In accordance with the current price subsidies in Hefei, Anhui Province, all sales will be more than 3,000 million revenue. However, the school chose spontaneous use, I power online mode, the priority given clean power supply more than 6,000 teachers and students in schools, the remaining power and then Internet sales.

It is worth mentioning that the more than 30 million kWh of clean power is equivalent to 29,910 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction, less consumption of 15,742 tons of raw coal or 9,970 tons of crude oil, planted more than 1.63 million trees, and gained tremendous economic and social benefits . Following the heavy launch of the photovoltaic town, photovoltaic village, solar home photovoltaic once again create the first photovoltaic project, for nearly 3,000 colleges and universities in China, has a positive demonstration.


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